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Welcome to the home of BYRON BAY HONEY Co. 

Byron Bay is a world renowned Australian tourist destination attracting  more than 2.2 million visitors in 2019. 

BYRON BAY HONEY's iconic brand name is a registered trademark with IP Australia. They  are complying with the highest food safety standards stipulated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and are annually HACCP audited and certified. We are grateful to our loyal customers and beekeeping families, who have been supporting us since 1993.

The Byron Bay Honey Co is supplying more than 800 supermarkets, health food stores and speciality stores across Australia's Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria from Melbourne to Cooktown and as far as Mt. Isa. In fact Byron Bay Honey is the largest regional honey distributor and one of the largest Australian marketing and distribution companies specialising exclusively in 100% raw and natural Australian honey products. Since 2005 they have been Vendors to Woolworths and Metcash IGA supermarkets. They have also exported 100% raw and natural Australian honey to Switzerland, Russia, Japan and Singapore. It's proof of an ever expanding wellness market of health conscious connoisseurs world wide seeking out 100% RAW and UNPROCESSED Australian honey products. 

For more than 27 years we have been supplying 100% raw and natural honeys from the coastal regions of eastern Australia. Our bees are collecting nectar from trees found in pollution-free rainforest remnants and state forests reflective of the unique flora of Northern New South Wales between Mt. Warning-Wollumbin in the north and Bundjalung National Park near Woodburn in the south. Bees can bring traces of bee pollen back to the hive, which are enriching the taste profile of our products. All our honeys contain exclusively 100% Australian produce without blended inferior honeys imported from Mexico, Argentina, India or China. They are free of rice syrup, added sugar, glucose, artificial sweeteners or preservatives and have distinct flavours and unique aromas. In accordance with the seasons they offer a changing taste experience: In winter they can be darker with bold  taste profiles whereas summer produces nectar for lighter and milder honeys. We are mostly filling Eucalypt honeys, ie. Ironbark, Brushbox, Whitebox, Greybox, Stringybark, White Mahagony, Bloodwood and some Macadamia honey. One of our longtime apiarists is a third generation beekeeping family with a combined experience of more than 100 years in harvesting Australian honey.  With each jar of honey you will taste the different seasons and moods of Australia's unique sub-tropical landscape.

We fully empathise with our customers' concerns regarding diluted honeys. We never have and never will use inferior imported honeys or dilute them with other substances like Chinese rice syrup as documented in 2019 and sold illegally by Capilano under the brand name 'Allowrie Honey'. Each jar of our honeys can be traced to a small number of trusted Australian beekeepers. We have known them personally for many years and have visited their extraction plants on may occasions. With each delivery they are signing an official document verifying that their honey is coming straight from their hives to our factory.