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About Us

Byron Bay Honey - A Success Story of Natural, Unprocessed Food

Australian honeys have an outstanding reputation as some of the very best found anywhere in the world. Byron Bay Honey is a registered trademark (TM) and highly regarded for its uncompromising dedication to quality and excellence. Initially we supplied only a handful of local stores and green-grocers with simple tubs. Now we have a variety of honey products on offer. For more than 15 years we have also been vendors to Woolworths and Metcash IGA supplying six large distribution centres. Our honeys are sold in more than 800 supermarkets across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. You can find our honeys in more than 760 Woolworths stores stores from Melbourne in Victoria to Cooktown in the far north of Queensland. We have also been exporting our Australian honeys to Asia, Europe and Russia.

Byron Bay Honey is a success story of a company distributing natural, unprocessed food to an ever growing market of health conscious customers. We are applying fair trade principles in all of our operations, e.g. in our employment and we prioritze protection of the environment with the choice of packaging we use: the cardboard is made from 100% recycled paper and the jars are made of P.E.T. which you can put them into council's recycling bins.

We are specializing in superior table honey renowned for its unique and authentic flavours. Our 100% Australian honeys are mainly sourced from eucalyptus forests, which are remote and pollution-free along the eastern seaboard. The honey is harvested by a select group of accredited beekeepers. We are using special techniques to preserve Byron Bay Honey's exceptional health giving properties, in its raw and natural state - just as nature intended. Many commercial honeys found in supermarkets are subjected to excessive heating and filtering, a process known as 'pasteurization'. We are avoiding this kind of over-processing and our honey remains full of natural bee pollen, healthy enzymes, vitamins and anti-bacterial properties. You will not find rice syrup, molasses, added sugars, glucose or preservatives. We are also fully compliant with internationally recognized HACCP principles developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and regarded as one of the highest food safety programs globally - Byron Bay Honey is audited annually.

We bottle only 100% Australian superior table honeys,  e.g. Ironbark, Whitebox, Brushbox, Greybox, Stringybark, Macadamia and other premium honeys.

An increasing number of today's consumers are well informed about the negative side effects of processed food. They are demanding pure and natural honey products. Byron Bay Honey contains only natural, raw honey and is appealing to the health conscious connoisseurs worldwide.

Did you know that there are about 50,000 bees in a single beehive and that bees have been producing honey for about 20 Million years? Humans instead have been around for less than 200 Thousand years. Bees are wild animals, not domesticated and are communicating with each other by secreting pheromones, humming and dancing. It has been estimated that they fly up to 800km in search of nectar to produce only half a teaspoon of honey. They are free to roam in our magnificent forests and to collect nectar from trees which are in flower according to the seasons. Given their natural movements the honey bottled in our jars may include produce from beyond the boundaries of the Byron Bay. In order to maintain the same standards enjoyed by customers since 1993, we guarantee that we are not stretching or blending our excellent Australian honeys with inferior imported overseas varieties. Byron Bay Honey is dedicated to only use home grown Australian produce. You will not find on our labels the widely used term 'MADE FROM LOCAL AND IMPORTED INGREDIENTS' indicating use of inferior imported honeys. We only bottle 100% Australian honeys.