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Welcome to the sweet world of the original Byron Bay Honey Company

There has been a recent discussion concerning alkaloid plant residues (PA) in foods like herbs, honey and flour. In response the Autralian Honeybee Industry Association released the following statement: 'Australian consumers of Australian honey have nothing to fear and they should continue enjoying our great Australian honeys.' At Byron Bay Honey we are fully aware of these issues and the effects PAs may have on our health. The Australian plant Salvation Jane associated with PA residues in honey is not prevalent in our region. We have talked to our beekeeping suppliers and they have all confirmed that they are not choosing honey of this plant in their harvesting regime. It is also worth noting that Byron Bay Honey was not named in any scientific paper as exceeding the strict limits set by the European Union.

We are here to supply you with authentic and natural honeys from the coastal regions of eastern Australia since 1993. They contain 100% Australian produce without blended molasses or inferior honeys imported from Mexico, Argentina, India or China. They are free of added sugar, glucose, artificial sweeteners or preservatives and have distinct flavours and unique aromas. In accordance with the seasons they offer a changing taste experience: In winter they can be darker and stronger in flavour whereas summer produces nectar for lighter and milder honeys. Mostly we are filling Eucalypt honeys, ie. Ironbark, Brushbox, Greybox, Stringybark, White Mahagony, Bloodwood and Macadamia honey. One of our much loved winter honeys with a distinct coastal flavour was 'Pink Bearded Heath' from Bundjalung National Park near Woodburn in Northern NSW supplied by a certified organic apiarist. Another one of our longtime suppliers is a second generation apiarist family with a combined experience of about 100 years harvesting honey.  With each jar of honey you will taste the different seasons and moods of Australia's unique sub-tropical landscape.

Our honey factory is fully HACCP approved. We are annually audited for B-Safety - an internationally recognised quality assurance program guaranteeing highest industry standards.